Akshaya Fertility Centre is very happy to help the mothers who are carrying babies in their wombs...

  1. Do you worry about the fetal heartbeat?
  2. Do you have a family history of Cardiac problems?
  3. Have you already undergone any trouble in the fetal heartbeat during your previous pregnancy?
  4. Do you think that the fetal heartbeat fluctuates?
  5. Do you worry that you cannot identify exactly the fetal heartbeat and it is missing sometimes?

Akshaya HeraBEAT
Medical grade fetal heart rate monitoring at home

HeraBEAT is a device based on the most demanding medical gold standards. It provides the reassurance and peace of mind of a medical-grade Fetal Heart Rate monitoring in the comfort of the expecting mom’s home.

Safe, Accurate & Reliable

HeraBEAT implements the conventional Ultrasound Doppler technology, which is reliable, safe, and proven while amplifying its accuracy and efficiency using a set of 21st-century hardware and software optimizations.

Effortless measurement

Our proprietary “Smart Search” technology, integrates enhanced hardware, optimized software, and advanced algorithms into a coherent solution allowing untrained users to accurately and effortlessly locate the fetal heartbeat.

Data Sharing

HeraBEAT enables, seamless, immediate data sharing with Doctor for further review and feedback. 

Patent Pending Technology

HeraBEAT incorporates a cutting-edge patent-pending Fetal HR multi-sensor unit to ensure no confusion between maternal and fetal heart rate and allow seamless monitoring at home.

Continuity in Prenatal Care

HeraBEAT delivers highly reliable pregnancy and Fetal HR monitoring at home. Our vision is to lead a revolution in pregnancy care, offering a home-based, continuous and insightful monitoring, changing today’s obsolete standards to a future of better care at a lower cost.