Aesthetic Gynaecology

Aesthetic gynaecology is a modern branch of gynaecology that allows women to take care of the unmet needs of intimate body parts of a woman like,

  1. Leakage of urine when she laughs or coughs
  2. Persistent vaginal discharge
  3. Vaginal laxity and unhappy sexual intercourse
  4. Postmenopausal vaginal dryness
  5. Postmenopausal chronic vaginal infections
  6. Post-delivery abdominal marks
  7. Post-delivery abdominal laxity and laxity of the breast
Akshaya Aesthetic Gynaecology

These are some most commonly acquired damages due to childbirth and menopause. Most of the time women silently suffer rather than discussing the problems with anyone.

Now you can talk to our team of doctors.

It is a relatively newer sub-special field with surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Women are adorned at a young age for their beauty but gradual progression in age, especially after giving birth, start losing their physical fitness which plays a highly significant role in their married sex life.

Aesthetic gynaecology helps women regain their beauty and confidence, leading them to a happy life. Most operations are performed on the basis of the patient's request due to a feeling of enlargement and looseness in the vagina, a desire to improve sexual function, discomfort when wearing clothes or doing fitness activities or with an aim to increase sexual satisfaction for both female and partner.

Aesthetic gynaecology surgical techniques:

Vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty refers to surgery of the vaginal entrance, deeper canal and epithelium.

It is usually carried out along with perineoplasty and para-vaginal repair. The surgical goals are cosmetic achievement through the reformation of the perineal body thereby lifting the perineum and greater sexual satisfaction.

Labio- plasty, Hymenoplasty or revirgination is most commonly done in aesthetic genital surgeries, which aim to improve the appearance of the external genitalia.

Aesthetic gynaecology Non-Surgical techniques:

Laser treatment for vaginal laxity fractional carbon dioxide laser is a minimally invasive thermo-ablative fractional laser technique, which is applied to the vaginal mucosa and is used in postmenopausal vulvar-vaginal atrophy, stress urinary incontinence and vaginal tightening.

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