Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery today is very much accessible and affordable to all women who want a beautiful face and body. Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons with the required training and expertise use advanced techniques and modern instruments to make these procedures safe for all and nearly non-invasive. The results are dramatic, long-lasting, and make women feel happy and confident.

Dramatic solutions are offered to common problems:

  • Stem cell therapy, (PRP), Hair transplantation for hair thinning.

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  • Laser and fat graft to correct unsightly pimple scars face.

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  • Laser hair removal for hair growth over the face and other parts of the body.

  • Make your face proportionate and beautiful by operations on the nose, eyelids and adding stem cells to rejuvenate cheeks and chin.

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  • Face lift surgery, eyelids tightening, filling up hollows around eyes with fat grafts to make a woman look ten years younger.

  • Fat graft, implants correct small, asymmetric breasts and makes a woman feel complete.

  • Breast reduction to reshape embarrassingly large breasts in young women to make them walk tall and free.

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  • Liposuction of fat rolls at armpits, sides of body, stomach waist, hip, thighs, and legs to give a woman back her smooth feminine shape.

  • Tummy tuck to make the middle-aged mummy get into a new phase in her life.

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  • Laser, injections, tissue expansion to remove ugly scars anywhere in the body.