Diagnosing Infertility

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To reach a diagnosis, your infertility specialist will meet you to review your previous medical records and past medical history. They will also run a number of assessments, and define the required fertility testing. The reproductive evaluation of a couple or individual may consist of four parts:

Evaluation of ovulation and the hormonal assessment of egg quality

This is conducted by a blood test that may be covered by your insurance plan. It allows us to maximize a woman's ovulation and the quality of eggs involved with fertility treatments.

Sperm quality and the detailed assessment of all sperm parameters

This would include the sperm concentration, motility, forward progression, morphology (shape), and the absence or presence of antisperm antibodies.

The patency (openness) of the fallopian tubes

This would include the sperm concentration, motility, forward progression, morphology (shape), and the absence or presence of antisperm antibodies.

  1. Infertility Diagnosis
  2. Histro and Laparoscopy Surgeries
  3. Advanced ultrasound scan systems
  4. Ultra soud scan guinded IUI
  5. IVF / Mini IVF / ICSI / Blastocyst culture
  6. Laser Assisted hatching / Embryoscope Sperm Freezing / Testicular tissue Freezing
  7. Oocyte Freezing /Embryo Freezing
Evaluation of the uterus

This evaluation is made to allow for successful implantation of an embryo and continued growth and delivery of a healthy baby. Pelvic ultrasounds are a routine part of the quality care rendered at our Akshaya Fertility Center and, when combined with other ancillary diagnostic procedures, provide insight into optimal embryo implantation in order to reduce miscarriage risks.

After the infertility diagnosis, couples receive a review of their fertility treatment options during a subsequent consultation. Your treatment is conducted within the gentle, caring environment at our Fertility Center.

Reaching an infertility diagnosis for a couple or individual is paramount to subsequent success. At our Fertility Center, patients are invited to participate in every aspect of the diagnostic consultation and review of the results/interpretations. Infertility treatment plans are individually formulated. Patients are involved in the decision-making process, which enables individuals and couples to choose the treatment pathway that is most cost-effective for the achievement of a successful pregnancy.

Fertility Procedures
  1. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  2. Uterine Fibroids
  3. Ovarian Cysts
  4. Endometriosis
  1. Hysteroscopy - diagnostic and operative
  2. Tubal Cannulations
  3. Submucous Resection of Fibroids
  4. Ovary Transplantation
  5. Laparoscopy - diagnostic and operative
  6. Hydrosalpinx Removal
  7. Gynecologic Laser Surgery
  8. Laparoscopy Myomectomy
  1. Fertility Evaluation
  2. Fertility History
  3. Physical Exam
  4. Blood Testing
  5. STDs
  1. Sperm Aspiration for ICSI
  2. Testicular Sperm Aspiration
  3. Testicular Biopsy
  4. Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA)
  5. Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE)