Akshaya Embryoscope

The embryoscope is an IVF incubator with a built-in camera for automated time lapse imaging of fertilized oocytes, in a safe incubator environment from conception to embryo transfer.

It is the latest technology by which the most viable and the best quality embryo can be identified for embryo transfer . This also plays an important factor in improving the pregnancy rates in the assisted  reproduction.

Embryoscope, the novel equipment improves the embryo selection which is possible based on a Kinetic analysis of time lapse images of embryo development. By choosing the best embryos it eventually increases the current success rate of infertility treatment. This amazing technology improves the efficacy of birth rate.

In a normal IVF lab, after injecting the sperm into the egg, The embryos are seen initially after 16 to 18 hours and then at 65 to 68 hours and finally on day 5. So, several vital parameters may be missed.

This is where an embryoscope has proved to be a boon. In an embryoscope, the images of each embryo is automatically recorded at 20 minutes interval. By the click of a button the images of each embryo can be recalled and studied at numerous time points 27 to 28 hours, 36 hours, 62 hours and so on. This helps identifying all the important parameters which could have been missed otherwise .Embryos are scored, based on these parameters and the top scoring embryos are selected for transfer into the uterus.

Normally embryos are assessed at particular time points and increasing the number of times of assessment through embryoscope gives more information and helps to score the embryos. Embryos with top scores are the best embryos and transferring these embryos into the uterus gives 75% remarkable pregnancy rates and decreases miscarriage rates by 8 to 10%.

In Tamilnadu, this facility is available only in a very few fertility centers. Akshaya Fertility Center is one among them that provides the facility of this latest technology.