Our Fetal Medicine Services

Akshaya Fetal Reduction

Fetal Reduction

Selective reduction is the practice of reducing the number of fetuses in multiple pregnancies like quadruplets and triplets. The procedure is also called multi-fetal pregnancy reduction.

Akshaya Fetal Neurosonogram

Fetal Neurosonogram

Central nervous system (CNS) malformations are some of the most common of all congenital abnormalities. Neural tube defects are the most frequent CNS malformations and amount to about 1–2 cases per 1000 births.

Akshaya Intrauterine Transfusion

Intrauterine Transfusion

An intrauterine transfusion provides blood to an Rh-positive fetus when fetal red blood cells are being destroyed by Rh antibodies. A blood transfusion is given to replace fetal red blood cells that are being destroyed by the Rh-sensitized mother's immune system.