AKSHAYA Genetics & Genomics Clinic

AKSHAYA WOMES'S CARE offers genetic counseling and diagnostic services through experienced and certified genetic consultants. Genetic counseling is offered to couples and people of all age groups, addressing individual needs with utmost care and most recent technologies.

Who needs genetic counseling?

  1. Genetic counseling before or during pregnancy will help couples get acquainted with the risks of their children inheriting a genetic disorder
  2. Genetic counseling is highly recommended for couples with a history of miscarriage, neonatal deaths or infertility to assess all genetic factors.
  3. If your child presents with a genetic condition or has symptoms of an abnormality, genetic counseling may provide more information on the diagnosis and/or genetic testing options.
  4. If you have cancer or family history of cancer, genetic counseling will help you learn your risks and the most relevant testing and personalized medical recommendations.
  5. Many conditions like neuromuscular disorders, heart disease have genetic links. Genetic counseling helps you learn about the risks of inheritance and the most effective diagnostic and management options for you and your family.

What happens in the Genetic Clinic?

  1. Assessment of any particular genetic disorder or diagnostic workup of rare abnormalities.
  2. Detailed evaluation of the patient’s family history.
  3. Thorough genetic counseling, explaining the details of the genetic disorder, inheritance pattern and recurrence risks.
  4. Recommendations to the most beneficial and effective diagnostic method using latest testing techniques, wherever relevant to accurately identify chromosomal anomalies and pathogenic genetic variants.
  5. Evaluation and detailed description of complex genetic test results.
  6. Education of patients and families to enhance the understanding of the genetic condition.
  7. Continuing support to facilitate effective management of the genetic condition.

What information do you receive during genetic counseling?
  1. Your risks of particular genetic condition.
  2. Your risks of passing on a genetic condition to the next generation
  3. The options you have regarding genetic testing and whether or not you should choose testing.
  4. The risks of a genetic condition in a family member affecting you or your children.
  5. The most relevant diagnostic and management options.